Mavic Crossride Disc 29

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Based on the Crossride’s price point it would be easy to take this as an entry level wheelset. Don’t be fooled so easily. The Crossride achieves Mavic quality and reliability through H2 Hammer Hardening, the local straightening of the rim in areas where the spokes exert the most stress. This improves the rims life span and provides resistance to micro cracking. The Transfer System 2 uses a 2 pawl design, in which both pawls engage simultaneously. The freewheel system is also fitted with an alloy monobloc axle that is both light and stiff and compatible with multiple axles. Mavic’s QRM sealed cartridge bearings reduce play and increase durability. Toss out them stockies and do you and your ride a favor by upgrading to the efficient, reliable Crossride.

Product Details

  • Riding Style: Cross Country
  • Wheel Size: 29"
  • Inflation: Tubeless
  • Axle Type: Quick Release


Front – 945 grams
Rear – 1075 grams
Pair – 2020 grams
Size: 29"
Joint: pinned
Recommended tyre sizes: 1.5 to 2.3
Disc brake specific profile
Internal width: 19 mm
Tyre: tubetype
Valve hole diameter: 8.5 mm with pop off reducer
Axle material: aluminum
Front and rear bodies: aluminum
TS-2 alloy
Count: 24 front and rear
Lacing: front and rear crossed 2
Nipples: brass, ABS
Shape: straight pull, bladed
Material: steel
Nipples: brass, self lock concept
User guide
Rim tape
Valve reducer
Rear 12x142mm adapters